what a glorious world

is  Iranian painting world


  مرغ چهلم  

Fortieth ‌bird

Size: 35*50   -   Technique: Acrylic  
Price: 8000 $
Message which the artisan would like to say when completing the work:
Paisley Crown girl's head in the form of gold and silver colours with textures highlighting innovative, and it is a view of the arabesque lines. It is refers to high reflection girl’s mind. In the girl's body, 39 birds with feelings of joy, sorrow and joy flight and therefore is depicted. A bird that had been released from the girl’s hand to the rise of her talent. Phoenix is the symbol of wisdom DIVINE. There are 5 phoenixes welcome and escort girl with her whole being for linking with her beloved” God”. Girl is the sixth phoenix. Even opened her hands to symbolize flight. And with the invisible colorless acrylic medium is painted wings for the girl.


پر پرواز  

Find the Reason to Fly

Size:    38.5*53.5
Technique: Acrylic
Price:  500$


 افسون مهر

Incantation Of Love

Size: 39.5*60.5
Technique: Watercolor and acrylic
Price: 30000$

Feeling Freedom without limited!


The Route of Love  -   2010

  راه عشق

  • Size:  50 * 70
  • Technique: Acrylic
  • Price:  4500$
  • Photo description:
For the first time, my pen was started to sketching from her feet when I started drawing artwork.therefore,  it seemed like procreation or a birth. The story of this painting is to reach God.There is just one way to achieve God, rebirth. It means, seeing with a new thinking side. It is like the phoenix when the phoenix burns itself ,so birthing new one from the fire
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